The video is about the difficulties in being a nudist – I found it really thoughtful. Below is a rough transcript of some of the difficulties talked about in the video.

Archaeseik says: There has gone 2 years since the last time he has been on a nude

It can be hard just because you have to deal with money issues, it can cost up to 100$ a day just in entrance fee. Then there comes extras like gasoline, food and others.

Another issue is distance – there can be a very large distance to nude places.

There is a limited amount of people in the area which are nudists, and those who are in the area doesn’t have something in common outside nudism. It doesn’t make any sense to go over to another guys house just to be naked, if there is nothing in common besides the nudity.

You can’t just ask some random people, hey do you want to be naked! I think many will find that rather creepy.

You need to view the full video to get the full story.

What is your opinion on the problems?

Nudist Difficulties by Archaeseik


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