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  1. Thurston Munn

    The wife and I run around nude all the time this time of year. We have told our neighbors that we are nudist so they are not shocked if they see us nude. They have on several occasions over the years with no problems.

  2. taryn

    Stumbled across this page… very glad you folks aren’t MY neighbors!! Who wants to see their neighbors in the nude? Not me 🙁

  3. Paul

    Likewise, I stumbled onto this page. I am inspired that you TELL your neighbors that you are nudists. I’ve been in the closet. To tell friends or neighbors what to expect, one might get useable responses. Topic for
    conversation, perhaps. Possibilities for get-togethers for the sake of
    nudity. Maybe other subjects are easier to discuss in the “honest-to-God”
    nude? Let it all hang out (Arlo Guthrie quote?).

  4. sassycoupleok

    Paul, yes the fact that we are openly honest with neighbors, friends and family about our nude lifestyle does inspire educational conversation about why we enjoy being nude and allows us to explain the the non sexual side of it. The fact that we have told them has resulted in them not being shocked when they have seen us nude. There have been times when we have had several in home or yard visits followed by conversation while we remained nude with no mention by anyone of our nudity. So yes it can be pretty unremarkable.