Costa NaturaCosta Natura is actually the first naturist village in Spain. The village is located in the outskirts of Estepona in the Malaga region in Spain and is located on a official naturist beach.

We arrived in the evening after one week in Algarve, Portugal. The weather in Algarve was warm, but it was even hotter at Costa Natura – 36 celcius in the shade 18:00 in the evening – HOT!
The reception was closed when we arrived, but that was no problem, there was a number to call and we checked in without any problems. The introduction was minimal though – probably because of the closed reception.

When we first had a look at our accommodation we were happily supprised that we had a great sea view and 2 terasses. We had ofcourse ordered that but sometimes the sea view is like “If you look at the corner over there and take the binoculars on you can see the sea”. This was actually real seaview, and the beach was only 30 meters away from where we stayed. A really good first impression.

Wasp nest
We packed some of our stuff out, and got some air into the appartment just to make it cool down, went up on one of the terasses. Suddenly i got stung by something like a bee or wasp. Damn, that hurt, but eventhough, I was just happy that it wasn’t my 4 year old son or my wife who is allergic to bee stings. We talked a little while I was swearing about the sting, suddenly another sting hits me. I take a look around and discovers that there is a waspnest at the terrace. We of course hurry away from the terrace and calls the guy who helped us at the reception. He told us that it might be hard to get things done the same night and even might be hard to get the problem fixed the next day (saturday). I of course told him we couldn’t use the terrace and that we had a son on 4 we therefore needed it fixed the next day, which he accepted.

The next day we were out on some sightseeing and we was back at our appartment around 19.00 in the evening, the reception was therefore closed and there wasn’t anybody we could ask about how the waspnest issue had ended. We went to the appartment and checked for the nest – it was still there, there were no notes or anything about what the status was. I called the man from the day before and asked him for the help. He said that we had to wait until the day after. I don’t think that is responsible act for a problem like that, so I insisted that I needed to talk to somebody who knew about the problem, but without any luck – or I should rather say I got another phonenumber I could call, but which wasn’t answered. I was mad as hell about it, very inresponsible with a nest like that.

The following day we got a talk with the receptionist – a french woman who was really helpsome – and the problem was fixed a few hours later, and that was on a sunday. I wonder why I needed to fight so hard about solving a thing that was fixed on no time (It actually only took 5 min. when the fixing guy arrived).

Internet and childplay
The day after we arrived I bought Internet access for a week. It costed 20 EUR for a 512kb Internet connection, which we could only use on one device. I thought it was rather expensive, but ok that was what we could get. The Internet didn’t performe at all – I havent checked the speed of the Internet but it deffinetly wasn’t close to being a 512KB connection. I tried to download a book on Amazon for my Kindle and it timed out, as it did for many other things. I couldn’t just log of the Internet on one device and then use it on another device either, the Internet was locked for the first device I had connected with. All in all not worth the money – I wouldn’t reccomend buying Internet at Costa Natura.

After 6 days on Costa Natura, a woman suddenly came by while we were playing buy the pool with our son. She told that she arranged childrensplay at Costa Natura everyday. We could just contact her and she would arrange some childplay with all the children who wanted to participate. I think that was a really good thing actually, because our son missed some other children to play with. The sad thing is that we wasn’t informed about that this existed before, after all most people stay for 1-2 weeks at the place – I therefore find it rather late to inform about 6 days into the stay (we were staying there for 9 days).

The place

The accommodation or should I call it housing consist of small houses/appartments which typically consist of 2 rooms separated by either curtain or a sliding door. There is a small kitchen and a toilet. Typically there are 1 – 2 terraces depending on the which appartment you have – we stayed a place with 2 terraces, one with a view and one which was a bit more sheltered. All in all I think the appartment was good. They are private owned, and you can not be sure that they all are equpped equaly inside, ours was a bit old fashoned, but it worked fine for us. I actullay think the idea of the appartments was good.

Natural sorroundings
This hasn’t been all negative, the village is actually quite ok, and we had a good time there. There is no natural nature there but the “park nature” which is done really fine.

There are two swimming pools one for small children (40 cm deep) and one for adults/larger children (110-140cm deep). Both of the pools has salt water, which is the first time I experience that – but that was actually really good. The salt water feels more natural to swim in and you don’t have the feeling of chemicals (Chlor) when you get out of the pool. And then its not so hard on the eyes.

Eating and drinking
There is a restaurant which is located just next to the pool. The food in the restaurant was actually quite ok, but the serving was some how slow. There is also a small beach bar close to the beach – I didn’t try that, but I am sure that it was ok, it only served basic stuff like most beach bars do.

For children
There was a small playground and there was the pool and the beach – I think that is actually all a child needs to have fun.

The beach
The beach which Costa Natura is located on is ok, not something sppecial, but ok. The good thing is that it is close to the accommodation and really easy access to the beach.

My judgement

The place was not exactly the style I normally go for when I am on vacation, but I found it ok for what it was. I usually prefer more natural setting where nature is more wild, and the site is not quite as charter-like. There is basically nothing wrong with the place, it was as I said, quite fine, and the apartments were quite ok. However, it was not ok that we had to fight so hard to make them remove a wasp nest from our terrace, and it was not ok that the internet was that expensive, when it was so unbelievably bad. A third thing was that when they offer to arrange childrens playing on site, then there is no point in first informing about it after you have been at to places in 6 days. All in all, I give Costa Natura a character on 3 out of 5 because of the problems that have been on the spot.


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  1. Martin Curd

    It was really useful to read this frank and honest review.

    The bookings and reception staff have all changed now (since 1st November 2013) and things like the wasps nest issue shouldn’t occur again as a new maintenance company is available during weekends and at night.

    The official rental agent’s site is now: and all apartments booked through them have a personal check-in option (unlike before).

    I know that the internet is still an issue in the resort, but this is being worked on by the community of owners.