Here is three scenarios I have experienced.

Staff is nude most of the time

I have visited places where the staff is nude most of the time. There is of course some situations where it is too cold or where the work requires practical clothing but otherwise nude most of the time. There might be the two variations. One where there is rules that says it is prohibited to be clothed and the other variation where the staff chooses for them self if they are walking around nude. I prefer the last version myself – I don’t think that strict rules is the way to promote nudity.

Clothed on “official work”

Some places you will see the staff clothed in the reception, the restaurant, while cleaning, gardening and other official work. When people were in the reception they often just had some light clothing on like a sarong or other simple clothe which was easy to take of and on. Sometimes you will see the staff walking around naked and mingle with the guests.

Staff seems to be dressed all the time

Other places seem to have a policy about always wear their uniform or maybe it is just coincidence that I haven’t seen some of the staff nude. For me it feels kind of weird to stay at a place when you walk out of the door naked where you only see clothes people (staff).

This was just three variations of course many variations in between can occur. Which one do you prefer? Is it ok that the staff is clothed all the time or should they be naked too?
I find it a little strange when you never sees the staff nude – I get the feeling of “them” and “the crowd”.

Speak your mind – what do you think?


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  1. Michael

    If I had a job like that I’d be nude all the time working inside and outside feeling free of clothes

  2. akka

    To me, it would be sad if the staff were clothed all the time. A strict rule like that would totally against my idea of naturism, where freedom, equality and comfort are the main “principles”.

  3. Peter Terp Listing Owner

    >akka I do agree that the staff should choose for them self, naturism is also about acceptance. Still I would prefer that I at least sees the staff nude occasionaly.


  4. sree myth

    Especially at naturist place, Staff should not be in dress. Instead they can have just ID cards, it’s enough for naturists to reach them for help.

  5. Chris

    The staff should be naked all the time, I’m not even sure about the ID card or armband.

    1. secretagent47

      Those are my thoughts, also.

  6. Richard

    I’ve been to several places & enjoyed massages.
    The truly naturist have clear policies
    1 the receptionist is dressed as the entrance opens onto the street & they get random callers so wise. I’ve been there as it’s closed & receptionist can’t wait to strip off to help with cleaning! Recently the therapists have become clothed while in treatment rooms I believe this is a Council request!
    2 just states the staff are professionals & it looks more professional to be dressed tho simply in shorts & t-shirt?
    3 therapists only removing clothing in treatment rooms as if that’s what you’re paying for! Or just topless & 1 place i was made to feel odd to not wearing my towel round my waist ? yet the sign above the door stated Naturist Spa!

  7. Stephane

    It is my experience that clothing-optional naturism does not work well. I won’t go into the details here. The full explanation as to why can be found by following this link:

    Plus if you believe that naturism is a philosophy that includes concepts like equality and acceptance, it makes no sense for the staff to be wearing clothing. The perception that wearing clothes is more professional comes from the textile world and is learned association. (just like a man wearing a tie in the western world makes him look professional) Another link with more details on this idea:

    As such, being clothes-free is a requirement of employment at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. (except when clothing is required for protection) It works well for us and we have no problem finding staff. Many more apply each year than we need. (we hire about a dozen people each year) This year we didn’t even bother running an ad.

  8. Jake

    I understand those who agree with the staff having the choice to be nude or not, but to me it seems out-of-place for staff to be clothed when all the visitors are nude. If I worked at a nude resort I would want to be nude all the time, unless weather or certain conditions warranted protective clothing, but only for that reason. Staff should never be forced to wear clothes, unless it’s for sanitary reasons, ie, working in the resort’s restaurant, or for protection. I would prefer to see EVERYONE nude, including all staff when possible. It just seems right at a nudist club.

  9. Dave SIPE

    Well in some states the restaurant staff may not have a choice do to health regulations, and must remain clothed. For the rest a simple sun visor with staff on it would work.

  10. Roy J Michel

    of course the staff should be nude! It kind of sends the wrong message to newcomers otherwise.

  11. Radha

    When we first time visited clothing option resort in Thailand, we were expecting that everybody will be in nude condition. But we found that all the guest were nude and staff including owner were with cloths on. I ask the receptionist why don’t you? she said there should be differentiate in guest and staff hence we are wearing cloths.

  12. Roger Smith

    I think it is more comfortable when arriving at a naturist resort for the staff to be naked as well. We once arrived at reception where the staff were clothed and felt as though we were being visually checked before signing in.

  13. Ike

    I think that those that work at nudist parks/camps/resorts and those that frequent them should be nude at all times unless the weather or a health issue would prohibit total nudity. My preference when visiting the resort I frequent is to park outside the office just inside the entrance, take off all of my clothes, then go into the office to check in and pay the daily fee. I remain nude for the day until just before I need to leave.

    I have taken a couple of lady friends to the resort in the past few months and explained the nude aspect to them before leaving for the location. The first understood this and stripped nude before we went into the office. The second, while I know she her me explain the nudity aspect was suddenly very shy and reluctant/slow to become nude. She entered the office with me holding a large straw hat over her pubic area. After getting settled by the pool, she was more at ease and walked with me through the resort.