Hora SfakionHora Sfakion is sometimes called the capital of the unspoilt Sfakia area. This is one of the most mountainous areas of Crete. Hora Sfakion is located around the White Mountains range. The mountains is really high and posses many impressive and fantastic gorges. The most famous of the gorges is the Samaria Gorges.

The village consist of aprox 500 inhabitans and has a very traditional and authentic and calm atmosphere, which is only interrupted a few times in the afternoon by the arrivals of hikers coming from the Samaria Gorge. The hikers tend to leave the village very quickly so peacefulness comes back in a few minutes.

In the village
There are a some excelent restaurants at the seafront, and there is plenty of simple accommodation. There is several pebbled beaches near the city, where it is possible to relax and bath

Naturist accommodation
The naturist Hotel Vritomartis is about 1 km from the city center of Horas Sfakion. The hotel has a really good reputation, and has existed since 1989. The hotel is on walking distance to the naturist beach Filaki.

Getting there
The village Hora Sfakion is about 70 km. away from the somewhat more famous town of Chania. You can reach the city by car, taxi, bus or boat.

If you are going by car or taxi from Chania it will take 1½ hours to get there.

You can find a timetable for the boat here Boat timetable


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