In all social groups are taboos, therefore there must also be taboo among naturists and nudists. What are the most common taboos, are there a reason for them or should they be broken down.
Here are some of the taboos I think is common, but please come with your own taboos and your own opinion too.

Sex – Why not talk about sex?

Nudists don’t have sex, sometimes it seem like a taboo to mention sex in naturist and nudist societies. But this might be a shock for you, I DO HAVE SEX – and I know for fact that other naturists do too. How on earth should human exists if it wasn’t for sex? Most of the population on this Earth was created through sex, only approximately 1% was made through technology.

Don’t look upon others body

Again it might be shocking news, I actually look upon other naked bodies while I am on a nude beach. I also talk about other peoples bodies, and I might sometimes judge their body too. I don’t do it as an act of evil, it is just an act of being human. On textile beaches – most people also look upon other bodies, and many judges the bodies too.
Still! I do think that naturism and nudism do good things upon the body image, because as a naturist you will soon discover the diversities in the human body. Your body isn’t that freaky as you might have thought.

Clothing Optional pervs

Some naturists don’t think Clothing Optional resorts is a good thing, they say that too many perverts can run around. They can hide beneath there clothing, and thereby easier have the possibility for their pervert acts. In my opinion that is generalising way too much – some don’t like to be naked all the time and prefer to be covered in particular situations. I do respect that and might also sometimes have a situation where I prefer to have clothe on – example while barbecuing.

Male erection

This topic is not that big a taboo – it is written about it many places. The most common answer is normally cover up and when you have been a naturist for a while it won’t happen. Both is just an answer on how to solve the problem but not an answer on the real question. Is it a problem that a man has an erection? I think it can send the wrong signal, but also think that after all is a very normal thing. If you don’t run around pointing at it and saying look at my penis, if you get my drift.


Look at me, look at me. Exhibitionists like to be seen, some just want to be seen nude. Some want to show of a bit. Girls spread their legs to show of, guys wander around with an erection to show of. There is of course many different ways to show of as an exhibitionist. Is it a problem? Personally, it doesn’t bother me, as long as they don’t show of for my kid. Most exhibitionists turn on the act of showing of, and don’t want any other involvment, which I think makes it very harmless.

This was some taboos – make some comments πŸ™‚


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  1. nudesmooth

    I can think of another taboo; honesty. Men are never to admit the real reason they got interested in nudism. They must adamantly state it was for the freedom from clothing or to feel unrestricted airflow upon their entire body. The idea they would become interested in nudism to see naked women is completely false.

  2. Sim Plynaked

    These are not taboos. The reason for clothing free – naturist, is the feeling outdoors unfettered by clothing, body acceptance. Every taboo listed above is sexual in nature and has no place in a family oriented setting. If someone wants to have a raging erection, wants every one around to watch him pleasure himself and discuss it afterwards then a public nude is not the place for such actions. Enter the perverts with their cameras for recording such a spectacle. There are resorts those actions are totally acceptable.

    And if men are using nudism to see naked women, geesh, get a faster internet connection or go to the stripper bar.

    1. Peter Terp Listing Owner

      I don’t consider “Don’t look upon others body” is a sexual act. It is more like a matter of human behaviour. Looking on others body isn’t necessarily about sex. For me it is just “fun” to look upon other bodies, and watching all the shapes and curves – nothing to do with sex:

      As go for the Clothing Optional part I have and will do it again be amongst others in a Clothing Optional resort as a family. I don’t consider people who prefer to be on a Clothing Optional resort perverts. I don’t judge a large group of people on few peoples behaviour. I will always look out for perverts when my child is around, and it doesn’t matter if it is on a textile, clothing optional or naturist place.

      1. Sim Plynaked

        People watching is one thing and that certainly is not taboo.

        Also, everybody looks at someone once. Get up on the beach to go swim or to the bathroom, you will be watched or glanced by almost everyone around.

        Voyeurism is what I’m gathering the author is saying

        “Again it might be shocking news, I actually look upon other naked bodies while I am on a nude beach. I also talk about other peoples bodies”

        It’s the part where they go “look upon” and talk about “other peoples bodies” is what is considered taboo. Body acceptance however is what you see is – is what there is and stops there.

        I’ve seen colostomy tubes and bags on nude people, while certainly not appealing, I commend that person, despite his medical difficulties to still get naked and enjoy that freedom. Certainly nobody discussed it either.

        A gorgeous female, should she be talked about openly?

        What if she had the colostomy tube and bag?

        Luckily nearly all naturists know how to act correctly. I think those with sexual thoughts wrestle with these taboos listed.

        I’m glad he started the conversation. After all, isn’t naturism about openess?

  3. C-OHome

    Quite simply….it’s more comfortable to be naked. Of course, there are those that enjoy the “it’s not supposed to be done” thrill of it. But, most true nudists simply enjoy the comfort of being nude. The taboo would be hiding behind being a naturist only to pick up dates! By the way…that’s not likely to happen. πŸ™‚

  4. NudebyNature

    I don’t think these are taboos in the sense of other taboos. They are not taboo because naturists like it that way. They are taboos out of necessity.

    Naturists need to protect our freedom, what little we have, or we risk losing it. So we make “rules” so that people do not get the wrong idea of what naturism is. If naturism is about freedom, then we need to stake out some turf and protect it or lose it. Later we can relax and enjoy total freedom.

    If we had true clothes freedom then most exhibitionism would stop because nobody would pay attention and it is just attention seeking for shock value. There already is sex on the beach, both among textiles and naturists. Discretion is needed. That’s all.

    Clothing optional pervs is a real phenomenon for women in particular. They do not go to be oggled and it turns many off enough to not want to participate. Since their numbers are already limited then this is a serious concern. Yes, we can look, but be discreet. Wear dark sunglasses and feign looking around. If you make someone uncomfortable whether they are clothed or unclothed it is bad behaviour that should be discouraged. Also do not point. Didn’t your mother teach you good manners?

    Many things are not naturist taboos, but societal ones. It is rude to point. It is rude to stare. It is rude to take someone’s picture without consent. It is rude to play with yourself when others are around. It is rude to show off.

  5. Walking Bare

    I’ve been a nudist since long before I was a sexual creature or had any interest in seeing others without clothes. I was 8 when I started sleeping nude and perhaps 10 or 11 when I started spending waking hours nude. I got into it at least in part because it felt better than having clothes on. There are so few clothes that aren’t uncomfortable. I was so shy in high school that I wouldn’t shower with my gym class. When finally forced to do so, I realized no one was looking at me so I took to some late-night streaking. Streaking was a form of gambling, since there was some risk involved. There was more to it than that, but even now I don’t have words to explain it. From there I started finding remote places where I could be naked for extended periods and this culminated in long weekends (3-4 days) spent miles from my clothes.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the view and I like it when the feeling is reciprocal, but that’s true with or without clothes. The person I am when naked is no different from the person I am clothed.

    Yes, I’m sure that some men (you seem, though I could be wrong, to think it’s all or nearly all of them) get into nudism for the view, but many others, like me, lack a simple sound bite to explain what it means to us, so the “company line” has to do. It’s so intuitively obvious to many that it’s impossible to put into words. They just don’t think of it that way, and so they repeat the socially-accepted line because they have nothing else.

    For me, I just say I’ve been a nudist almost as long as I can remember, even though the rest of my family wasn’t.

  6. Walking Bare

    About a decade ago I wrote an opinion in a debate on DOMAI. For those who don’t know the site, it’s about the beauty of nude women, not sexuality. There’s even a philosophy page on it, and it’s worth reading. The founder argues that it’s wrong to intentionally ignore beauty in any form. The debate arose around whether the images were also sexy, and how one might define the difference.

    The link is here: and the text is as follows:

    On the ongoing conversation about beauty and sexiness, I have to agree with Joe in Kansas on many points. His comments about a “sexy” car and the very question of what Sexy is, however, beg a reply from someone who has thought long about this.

    Some 18 years I was talking to a girlfriend about an airplane (the Ted Smith Aerostar) and she asked me, “how can an inanimate object be sexy.” It took me a few years to distill it to simple words anyone can use to separate cuteness, beauty and sexiness. As with any such definition, it’s an individual thing, based on the immediate response of the observer.

    Cute makes you want to smile in a happy, almost amused way. It may make you chuckle just a little in what I call an audible smile.

    Beauty makes you want to look, and keep looking. If you smile, it is in an admiring way.

    Sexy makes you want to touch.

    With those in mind, I can easily say that DOMAI is never sexy to me. It is occationally cute, but also it is always beautiful. Sometimes intensely, sometimes spiritually beautiful. To me, that photograph of Kinga standing in the field contemplating a stalk of wheat is the most peaceful image I’ve ever seen. It’s not cute, not sexy; it’s beautiful. Spiritually so. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  7. Grevile Constantine

    I agree with many of the Taboos here as it helps to keep order & decency in the Nudist/Naturist community. But I appreciate his honesty that he “does look on a nude beach”! Shows we Are HUMAN after all. To say that men should cover up their erections, then Single men should Not be welcomed if that is the expectation. Let Men be men until it is realized they are being NORMAL. Let even young child nudists KNOW they are being NORMAL, eventually little fellas WILL experience this too.