Are you going to South Europe this summer and enjoy being naked? Cap d’Agde might be exactly the place you are looking for.

Cap d’Agde may look like any other French Mediterranean town on the surface, but do not be fooled. There is more than one side to the french beach city.

The is city actually divided into a clothed part and a naked part. Cap d’Agde also has a nickname “The Naked City” and that is not without reason. If you enjoy shopping in the nude, banking naked and do all your daily stuff without a stitch on the body – this city is definitely worth visiting.

40,000 people visit this city during the summer months. The naked part of the city has an entry fee of nine euros for an entry card which gives you free access to the city. The naked city is also guarded which makes it more secure to walk around in the buff without stalkers and harassment.

BUT! There is one big downside, this place also has a lot of “sleazy bits” going on, Cap d’Agde also attracts a lot of swingers. This is not a place for families.

If you want to visit the city the easiest way to get there is probably by plane to Montpellier. From Montpellier railway, there are trains running to Cap d’Agde.


There is a lot of sexual acts going on in Cap d’Agde as well. Cap d’Agde is also a large swinger destination, therefore I will warn that you should consider if you should visit with children and if this environment is something for you.

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  1. Ted Bun

    Naturist paradise or Swing City … I have heard both. The “Otters” of H&E Naturist magazine fame do not like it much … the Frauline tells me she found it rather too much of a libertine paradise for her comfort.

    But to each his and her own.

    There are several other large naturist resorts in the area, I’d suggest a day visit from one of them to find out for yourself.

  2. Wm Perry

    Thanks for the info on this city in France ! Wish u were able to report on a town in America that would allow this ! Sucks to live in a state where being nude is called ” Dirty”

  3. Jo Mulholland (Ozcloggie)

    Been there. Done that! I’m glad I did. Ignored the sleazy bits.Enjoyed the REAL freedom of moving about; e.g., shopping; having lunch at the restaurants; visiting people -nude. even while having a very pleasant conversation with people from the country of my birth (The Netherlands) there, I was disappointed that they were ‘supporting’ the ‘activities’ that were spoiling this great location.

  4. Peter

    Actually we considered it for a pre cruise destination, BNTT 2015, but have not heard a lot of great things about it. So we’ll more than likely do Ile Du Levant instead.

  5. Georges

    …………. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……………..