How do you get a completely even tan? Strip down and take a nude tan – and enjoy life and nature in a natural way.

Here are top 3 nude beaches in US according to what I know of :-). Feel free to comment this post, it is alway nice with new input.

1. Black’s Beach – California
Large and famous – Black‚Äôs is the largest nude beach in North America. It is very popular with both surfers and naturists. Naturists on Black’s Beach are not judgmental of body image, but you must be able to traverse a steep pathway around a cliff to reach the secluded nude beach.

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2. Haulover Beach – Florida
Haulover beach is laidback, uncrowded and unspoiled. This is a naturalist and naturist haven, where you can skip the crowds of children and drunken students. Instead you can enjoy a much more laidback peaceful atmosphere. The beach is ideal for swimming and surfing – and of course naked.

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The official website for Haulover Beach

3. Gunnison Beach – New Jersey
Gunnison is the largest clothing-optional recreation area on the
Gunnison beach attracts nearly 5000 naturists per weekend, during the summer months, and there by the largest clothing-optional recreation area on the East Coast. It is a very popular beach and not without reason. It is nice and sandy, has a dramatic views of Brooklyn and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

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Website about Gunnison Beach – New Jersey


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  1. Jose

    Peter. You are right on. After returning from the Caribbean I thought I’d never find a nude beach in the states to enjoy. Boy was I wrong. Sandy Hook turned out to be a big surprise, then later Haulover. Parking is a bear but it’s worth every minute in the sun once you’re there.
    Peace Enjoy.

  2. Tony

    Blacks Beach is horrible and not worth the hassle of traversing the steep cliff to get there. The patrons were not very friendly either. I’ve been to several naked beaches, but I’m not inclined to return to this one.

    Gunnison and Haulover are fantastic!

  3. Ross

    My wife and I first experienced Blacks’s in 1976. Ever since we only enjoy nude beaches, nude hot springs and nude hotel resorts. Thank heavens, there’s lots of them in Southern California.