A very interesting project/movie – I would like to view it full length.

LINE OF BEAUTY AND GRACE is a tale about photography and art, family and life, dealing with the history of man and woman, life and art. Many art historians consider Jock Sturges, born in 1947, to be one of the most important fine art photographers of our times.
As a catholic and graduated in psychology and photography, he survived the attacks of conservatives in the United States. Sturges has created a series of intensely powerful and moving photographs with an outstanding sensitivity for composition and light. Sturges’s artistic work is an uncompromising search for truth and clarity. His private life is marked by his open nature and inspired by the love he shares with his wife Maia.
In LINE OF BEAUTY AND GRACE, the filmmaker and photographer Christian Klinger journeys into the life and work of this extraordinary man.
Official Filmwebsite: amadelio.org/

Trailer: LINE OF BEAUTY AND GRACE Documentary about Jock Sturges from Christian Klinger on Vimeo.


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