This is a short post about Crete and naturism. I have done some research before going to Crete, and I will, of course, write even more when I have visited Crete.

What to see

My wife has written a short guide about what to see on the Southern part of Crete where we are going to stay. You can read Lise’s guide “What to see on Southern Crete”. I have also written a small guide to the small Village Hora Sfakion.

I have also written a range of naturist beach guides

Where to stay

There isn’t a lot of possibilities for accommodation on Crete as a naturist, but I don’t think it matters. We found a place called Hotel Vritomartis and it seems like a really good place to stay. The hotel is a Naturist Hotel / Naturist resort – we are going to stay in a Bungalow, but it is also possible to stay at the hotel.

Read more about Vritomartis

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  1. harsin

    I want to go Vritomartis with my girlfriend but unfortunately all pre booked
    next month is it possible go other time as a single?


    1. Peter Terp Listing Owner


      I really don’t know – I would try contacting Vritomartis on their webpage. But I guess it is possible, I don’t think they have restriction on being a coupe at Vritomartis.