Understanding nudism – an interview with a “hikergirl”.

The Interview consist of several questions, some of them listed below

What is nudism to you?
It is about being free and confortable in my own body

When did you first realize you were a nudist?
Ever since I was a kid I really didn’t like wearing any clothes. When I was young I was always skinny dpping and always took of my clothes first. It wasn’t until I was 21 I realized I was a nudist

What was your first nudist experience like?
My first time was when I went with some friends to some hot springs. We hiked up there and we backed down, we hiked naked

Other questions
Where do you like to go nude?

How do you go about meeting other nudists?

Are you a closet nudist or do your friends and family know?

View the short movie and get the answers 🙂

Produced by TrueNudists – unfortunately it’s censored because of YouTube anti-nude policy


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