There are wonderful spots all over the world that make you want to strip and take it all in, that’s what beaches designated nude are for. If you are going to a nude beach, you are probably less inhibited than the next guy. However, going to a nude beach is not synonymous with being deviant. The people having a good time will continue wanting to do so without you invading their personal space or making them feel self-conscious. Here are some etiquette tips for when you go to the nude beach.

1. Ensure it is a nude beach
Many will find it embarrassing to drop the clothes on a beach which shows up to be a non-nude beach. You could even be cited for indecent exposure for going nude on a beach that is not designated as such.

2. Carry sunglasses
Granted, your eyes are bound to wander once in a while. This could seem impolite to some people who are content minding their own attention. Sunglasses will keep your eyes covered when it happens.

3. Hands off
While holding hands while walking with your partner or applying sunscreen on their back is normal, it is impolite to turn the beach into your bedroom. Public decency still applies when such manners are concerned. Wait until you get back to your hotel room.

4. Bring a towel
Covering the sun-chair before lying on it is a good idea. You never know what was left on it by the previous user. It also makes it easier for the next user.

5. No photos
People are very sensitive to having their photos taken by strangers. Many nudist resorts have a ban on photography anyway, but if you are on a beach where there is no supervision, it is better to keep the camera away. If you are taking photos, pose such that there are no persons in the background.

6. Check the resort guidelines
If you are on a naturist beach resort, read all the guidelines carefully. The regulations could, for example, require strictly no clothes by the pool. Or you may be required to be clothed in the eatery. Check what applies where.

7. Observe personal space
People are ordinarily wary of strangers in their personal space. When they are naked, the need for personal space is even greater. Ask if it is ok before you sit or lie next to someone.

A nude beach offers a wonderful experience feeling the sun soaking all over your body, and the wind blowing where it has never blown before. Observe etiquette and have a good time.

Copyright photo: 821292 / pixabay

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  1. Vikram Bhandari

    In a nutshell; act exactly the same while nude as you would if you had clothes on! That’s all…the same courtesy and the same respect!

  2. Adriaan

    Once, in the spirit of an all minds alike space, one should relax. This can only be if you don’t have a hidden agenda. Naturist in general are relaxed.