Crete, Greece

– what to see and do for me and my family?

My family and I, which consists of father, mother and a son of 4 years old, are planning a trip to Crete, more specifically Hora Sfakion,southern Crete. Before we leave, I have set myself to examine what there is to see in the southern part of Crete. We will be staying at Hotel Vritomatis located in Hora Sfakion, and that will be my starting point from what to see around.

We usually travel in our need to experience, but experience tells me that the more we know about the region and its possibilities before we arrive, the more we feel our variety of options are when we are choosing excursions on our trip.

Hora Sfakion is a small peaceful village with a small harbor. It lies completely south, tucked away from mass tourist in the north. Hora Sfakion is situated in a wild and rich natural area of mountains (White Mountains) that reach all the way down to the Libyan Sea..

East of Hora Sfakion is a Venetian fortress from the 13th century located – Frangokastello. I believe that would be an exciting area to take our boy out to look at.

From the port of Hora Sfakion, ferries sails to other southern villages. There could be some interesting routes that can give us a good impression of southern Crete, seen from the sea. We like to visit small villages from the sea as if the experience of the city always are just a little more impressive that way.

The White Mountains range right down to the water. The highest point is 2450 meters high and are covered by snow half of the year. There should be some of Europe’s most exciting gorges that would be interesting to experience. For instance the Samaria Gorge, in the national park Lefka Ori, with its 16 km. long gap would be an adventure.

Crete’s southern mountains are dotted with small traditional villages, where there should be opportunities to buy local olive oil and thyme honey. I love honey and I love to experience everyday life in villages with local markets and usually lots of atmosphere. All their fresh foods are so tempting… tomatoes, onions, feta, fish and not to forget their spices fresh or dried.

On our trips around in the southern Crete, we will keep a close eye on small brown signs by the road, allegedly to inform us of museums and monasteries. Especially monasteries, as I’m sure that from my son’s eye height will grow into fortresses and strongholds and awaken his imagination about life and great conquests, while we, my husband and I will put ourselves in the place of origin and use and allow ourselves to be back in time and place .

No Greece without beaches. No sun and heat without beaches. No one in our family will certainly experience Greece without also throw us on the beaches. Basically, we are interested in all the beaches. We will experience the island and when we come to a beautiful or exciting beach we will stop and go down and take us for a swim.

There are few official naturist beaches in Crete but many places tolerate it. Especially in remote and quiet beaches and coves. Most are located in the southern part of Crete. At our Hotel Vritomatis┬áthere is a small naturist beach called Filaki, – we will of course visit it.

Here are some naturist beaches we will consider visiting:

  • Paleochora
  • Sougia
  • Agia Roumeli
  • Agios Pavlos
  • Sweet Water Beach (Glykarnera)
  • Plakias
  • Komos Beach.

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