I have long wondered why breastfeeding in public can be offensive. I simply don’t get it! The baby needs food, why can feeding be offensive – it is a natural thing to eat, the same can be said about a naked nipple.

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  1. Bruce E Kendall


    Have you been to America? Do you have any idea what American teenagers would do if they saw this much breast in real life?

    Plus their mothers protecting them from such.

    1. Peter Terp Listing Owner

      I have actually been in US but just for 2 days. It’s actually not only in the US the problem with breastfeeding in public occurs. In Denmark which must be called a very liberal nation, people has begun to be offended when they see a breastfeeding woman in a public place. I find that development really bad – but why has it started in the first place?

  2. Thurston Munn

    I think it began with social media. The female breast has become so sexualized. It appears that the younger generations of mothers now view the female breast as a sex organ so they now have to protect their children from them. Not to change the subject but locker room nudity has also come under fire by both genders for the same reasons.

  3. Eugenio

    In Mexico, we haven’t seen much of these type of attitudes against breastfeeding in public, actually it is done anywhere when the baby asks for food.
    Some women, in a modest way, cover their breast and the head of the baby with a scarf.

  4. Edwin L. Klemm

    I don’t have the slightest idea. And it seems so stupid a law. I live in a little town in California and any flesh shown by anyone out in public is unlawful…even by nursing Mom’s. There are few things more precious then seeing a mother and child in that tender embrace.

  5. Graham

    It is only uptight religious cretins who object to the natural and beautiful act of feeding a child by its mothers breast, it is what breasts are designed to do, it is their sole function.
    Anyone who objects to this needs a lobotomy!

  6. Luis

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