In this short video you will hear from people who go on naked vacation. The interviewer Dayle asks the guests of the resorts questions about – why naked vacation. She also asks question about if people tell their friends about their naked vacations. Take a look at the video and hear the answers 🙂

My answer to the question “Do you go on vacation naked?” would be YES!, and I do tell my friends and family. Why go on vacation naked? Because it feels free and natural.

What is your reason for naked vacations?

Vacation Naked: Why? from Dayle Hoffmann on Vimeo.


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  1. TommoBared

    I would have found this much more interesting if those being interviewed were actually heard answering questions. It would be good also for the interviewer to at least remove outer clothes maybe down to bikini, if not topless or naked.

  2. Bill Littlejohn

    The best vacations are naked vacations .

  3. Greyeagle2019

    If it’s all about naked then the people should be naked and be wearing clothing including the interviewer. There is a double standard there. Either youre naked or its false advertising.

  4. mike b

    Answers would be nice – I vacation naked because I don’t like constricting clothes and I like my body to get as much exposure to sun and air as possible.