I love this video “Facebook Look Back at the Shit That Got Me Banned” – great video made by Felicity Jones. It shows very well the censorship of Facebook and actually also YouTube who banned this video for “nudity or sexual content.” (Even though it is artistic and not gratuitous or sexual in nature!).

Wonderful work – Enjoy 🙂

Facebook Look Back at the Shit That Got Me Banned from Young Naturists on Vimeo.

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  1. Jo Mulholland (Ozcloggie)

    What gives them so much ‘power’? Why is there not a more rational mode of www communication?

  2. Jaswars

    I quit facebook well over 6 years ago. How can nudity be so offensive as to block it or remove the content. Talk about communism and a total 100 percent control over whatever you post. Be great if another competitor against communist controlled facebook would come along and smack em hard with millions and millions leaving that lousy POS site